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PC Servicing

Over time a PC slows down, or "ages". Most people don't notice this until it gets really bad because it's usually very gradual. 

Mulgrew Enterprises has developed a service program for Windows PCs that will not only return your PC to it's factory speed but in most cases we will be able to tune it up beyond it's factory spec. 

Not only that we will also be able to improve your PC's security and we will arrange a backup if you don't already have one. 
Better still, until August 2011 we're giving away Bit Defender Internet security 2012 with every service. That's the full commercial product, not the cut down free version.


Still not convinced?       Think you can manage without it?       Think you could do it yourself? 

Well we're charging just £36 inc VAT for this service. 

The RRP of Bit Defender Internet Security 2012 (15/03/2011) is £39.99. If you don't think that's a good deal then we're not sure what else we can do... 

...Oh wait. How does a discount on any upgrades or accessories you purchase while your PC is in for a service sound? 
...And if you live withing 2 miles of one of our workshops we'll collect and return your PC free of charge. 
...And if you have several PC's in your household we'll give you 50% off your 3rd service if you have all 3 done together. 
...And if your a member of MEGA (our gamers club) we will give you a discount on every service. 
...And if you recommend a friend we will give you both a discount on your next order.



In many cases we find it is more effective to reinstall a PC to it's factory settings and then tune it up from there. If you have your original Windows installation disc or your PC has a recovery partition, we will charge the same for this as for a service. Many recovery partitions are hidden so you may have one and not know about it. Ask one of our technicians if you're not sure. 
As this restores your PCs software to its factory condition you will loose any software you installed since buying it and these will need to be reinstalled. We will backup and restore any files you have on it, and install you a selection of software.



Q?     Will I definitely get a speed increase from a service?
A!     Most of our customers are amazed at how much faster their PC is after a service and we're yet to see one we can't make a big improvement on. However, if you're a computer genius and your PC is already running superbly then you are unlikely to get a massive difference in speed. There are also some instances where other issues prevent your PC from running quickly. We can help diagnose and repair these issues too. 

Q?     How long does a service take?
A!     We run several software tools during a service as well as making several physical checks. Typically, it takes around 3 working days. Some superfast PCs only take a few hours though, and some old and sick PCs can take much longer. It won't take any longer to do a group of PCs for you either as we will allocate more Techies if you bring us a batch in. If it's going to take 5 days or more we will usually warn you of this after our initial diagnostics, as this usually means your PC has a fault or should really be in a retirement home. 

Q?     What if i don't live within 2 miles?
A!     Please see the table below for delivery and collection details. 

Q?     What exactly do you do on a service?
A!     We can't tell you exactly how we work our magic but a service will include custom in depth malware scan (including spyware, viruses, adware, rootkits), malware immunisation, complete software updates, tuning your startup routine, optimising the registry, checking and removal of bloatware and bundleware, defragmentation disc cleanup and a case clean out. 

Q?     My PC is not working, will a service help?
A!     It depends what is wrong with it. If it's a hardware fault a service won't help. If it's a virus a service will usually clear this. Some particularly bad Viruses will need more drastic removal. 



If you do not live within our free collection area you can drop your PC off to us at one of our workshops. Most of our engineers are mobile during working hours so please get in touch to arrange this. We can arrange collection out of hours too. Our collect and return prices are below. 


Workshop location UpTo 5 miles UpTo 10 miles UpTo 15 mile
Swadlincote (DE11 0PU) £5 £10 £15