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Our security policy

In order to best protect our customers security we use 3rd party payment processing partners wherever possible. This means we can concentrate on bringing you great deals on IT products and let a leading expert in the field of payment processing handle the bit that really needs to be secure.

Any data we store on our own system is stored in a secure database which is protected with encryption and password protection. Our backups are also stored in an encrypted and password protected format. If you want to see what data we hold on you please go to the user account section of our website. We aim to make any data we hold on you available through your user profile. In some cases data may not be available through your user profile, this will only ever be in connection to new or trial features and we plan to make all data available through your user profile.

We do not store payment information, although our 3rd party payment services may offer to do this for you. We also only require you to have an address on file if you actually make an order. If your just browsing our website and have registered in order to use any of the features other than purchasing then all we require is a username, password and email address. All other fields are optional.