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By David Mulgrew, 10/18/2011 - 16:26
Ubuntu server

I've spent the morning experimenting with cloning my Ubuntu LAMP server. My existing server is a virtual server setup with virsh. Both host and guest are Ubuntu server 11.04. The host is setup with nothing but the requirements to run virtual servers and control it via ssh so I don't have to leave the monitor connected. The guest is a LAMP server running a couple of Drupal sites. The server I'm setting up now is running on a Windows 7 x64 host through virtual box. I'm testing this so that in the event of a hardware failure of my host server I have a backup server ready to go.

By David Mulgrew, 10/11/2011 - 21:19

Well I thought it was about time I started posting a blog of activities in the workshop. I test a lot of software on my PC and it was looking a little long in the tooth. It runs on Windows 7 and has been since release. Back in the days of XP I had an automated install disc which reinstalled Windows and all my commonly used programs with virtually no intervention from myself, it even included all the Windows updates and my device drivers. All I had to do was select the target hard disc drive and wait less 40 min. Almost all the software I used was installed automatically.


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